PDF SDK by Mozon Soft that will make your application capable of generating PDF files in 15 minutes


Generate PDF Reports from your application in 15 minutes

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Monzon Soft provides a PDF SDK that will make your application capable of saving PDF files in 15 minutes

Mozon PDF SDK is very easy to use


MzPDF Toolkit features:

  Below is the full list of MzPDF Toolkit features:

  • Easy to use: We’re aware of the fact that PDF integration into your application can be hard and very expensive sometimes. Taking that into consideration, we designed our toolkit with simplicity in mind. Our tutorial will demonstrate how simple it’s to integrate our toolkit with Microsoft® WordPad® project. It’s less than 15 minutes task.
  • API and .NET (VB.NET and C#) platforms: The MzPDF toolkit provides two types of interfaces: API interface and .NET interface. Using these interfaces, you can build very robust applications that can generate PDF files.
  • Windows 64-Bit support: The MzPDF toolkit is compatible with Windows 64-bit.
  • No required knowledge of PDF is needed: Yes we mean that. You don’t need to learn any of the PDF format details. You’ll only need to understand the very simple yet powerful interface (API and .NET) that we’re providing to start creating PDF files.

    No need to remind you that this will mean no training time for your programmers thus, less development cost for your product.
  • Rocket Speed: The toolkit can generate large PDF files very fast.
  • Inexpensive toolkit: The toolkit price is reasonable compared to other competitor libraries available.
  • Royalty Free: The toolkit is royalty free. We won't charge on your products' sales.
  • Small size redistributables: The size of the toolkit redistributables is about 600Kb. This means that you’ll add the PDF support to your application with a cost of about 600Kb to the setup size.
  • Full Technical Support: We provide full technical support for our toolkit. 24/7.
  • Different PDF versions: The MzPDF toolkit can generate PDF files with the versions (v1.3, v1.4, v1.5 and v1.6).
  • Compressed PDF files: The SDK generates highly compressed PDF files.
  • Document Information: The SDK supports document information, so you can fill in the needed information for the PDF files. This includes (Title, Subject, Author and Keywords).
  • Open Options: The SDK provides control over how Acrobat Reader® will open the generated PDF file. This includes:
    • Page mode.
    • Page layout.
    • Start page.
    • Magnification.
    • Show/hide Toolbar.
    • Show/hide Menu.
    • Show/hide Window UI.
  • Progress Information: While creating PDF files we provide you with a callback to follow the task progress. This means that you can provide your users with a progress bar for example to show them the total progress accomplished. Your users can choose to cancel the process using the provided callback as well.
  • Hyperlink support: The MzPDF toolkit supports hyperlinks (hotspots). With this feature, you can add links to your generated PDF files which can point to your company's website for instance.

As you can see from the list above, we have everything figured out. All you need to do is to write 5 or 6 lines of code to add PDF capabilities to your applications.

Try MzPDF Toolkit:

  You can download the evaluation version of MzPDF toolkit here. The evaluation version of MzPDF toolkit draws a watermark across the generated PDF pages. You can order MzPDF to get rid of this restriction.

Order MzPDF Toolkit:

  To order MzPDF toolkit, go to the order page.

Note: MzPDF Toolkit is royalty free.

Contact Us:

  If you have any notes or questions please drop us a line and we will be glad to help.

PDF SDK to generate PDF files quickly and easily